Frequently asked questions

1. What will a Wedding Co Personal Wedding Website cost?
There are no cahrges for setting up your personal wedding websiteWith the functionality we offer, you will be saving yourself a great deal of time and money by using Wedding Co, Your Personal Website.

2. How long will our site remain active?
From the date of signing up, Your Personal Website will remain active for 6 or 18 months, depending on the plan you choose. You can upgrade and extend your plan at any time.

3. How quickly are our updates made live on the site?
Once you have saved your updates or uploaded images such as maps or photos these changes will be immediately seen on your web site for your guests to view.

4. Are we limited to the number of updates on the site?
No. You can update your web site as often as you like and at anytime from your computer. If you want to change some existing content, you can easily delete or change the text.

5. Will there be advertising on our Personal Wedding Website?
Wedding Co does not place advertising on Your Personal Website, so guests will not be bombarded with the latest university diplomas, text or pop up advertising. Wedding Co retains the right to place advertising on all areas where you do not display personalised content for your guests.

6. When can we upgrade our plan?
You can upgrade your plan at any time, with the new plan starting at the time of upgrade. Upgrade plans are available for 18 months.

7. Can we renew our site after it has expired?
When your plan expires your website will automatically be closed for viewing by you and your guests. You can at any time for up to 18 months after this expiry, begin a new plan for your site. All your content will remain as it was prior to the expiry.

8. Can we reorder or rename the headings of each page?
You have the ability to re-order and re-name the headings of each of your wedding web pages. For example, you may wish to change the heading 'Contact Us' to 'Our Details.' With some plans you are able to turn on and off web pages as suits you. For example, you could switch off the 'Contact Us' page altogether.

9. Do I need to be a web expert to create a Wedding Website?
This website has been designed for someone with very little web experience. You can add and remove text and images through our simple interfaces, just like Microsoft Word software package.

10. Can we add links to our favourite websites?
You can easily add links to your favourite venues, local attractions, google maps or any other web site.

11. Can we allow guests to see our bridal registry?
If you set up a registry with our sister company Wedding List Co, your guests will be able to view and purchase directly from your registry. This makes it very easy for guests who are coming to your website to RSVP or to read your blog.

12. Can guests RSVP to our wedding on our site?
You can set up your Wedding Co website to allow RSVP's for multiple occasions, so guests can notify you if they are attending the engagement party, the buck or hens night, as well as the wedding. They can also add a personal message for you.

13. What security is available for our website?
You are able to set up various level of security access to your website depending on the plan you choose. Access levels are; Open - anyone can view your site, Restricted - guests will need to know your website address or your name and the month of your wedding, Secure - guests will need a password to access your website.

14. Is it easy to upload images and photos?
Yes, we provide a simple upload and cropping tool, so that you can add images to your site. See our features page for the number of images you can upload on each plan. If you need more you can upgrade at a later date.

15. Are we limited to how often we can change the design of my webpage?
No. You can change the design of your Wedding Co website as often and as many times as you like.